Niall Horan from One Direction torn to demi Lovato

Niall Horan from One Direction torn to demi LovatoYoung performer from the popular British band One Direction Niall Horan is considering moving to America to be closer to demi Lovato.Now One Direction spends a lot of time in the US, where British artists received with great enthusiasm. However, to permanently settle in the New world until only one thinking Niall who wants to be closer to the judge of the contest X Factor.A source told Closer magazine: "Horan confessed to his family that he is crazy about demi (Lovato). He was going to conduct in the United States for at least six months a year with One Direction. In General he wants to settle closer to demi. Who knows what will come of this".As for demi, the singer recently called the Horan amazing.When Lovato was asked if she's a British singer, demi made a surprised face and said, "I don't even know who this band One Direction, but then quickly added, "I joke. Niall my friend ... Читать полностью -->

The crypt where he was buried Elvis Presley auctioned

The crypt where he was buried Elvis Presley auctionedAuction house Julien's Auctions put up for sale the crypt, which in 1977 was buried Elvis Presley, according to Reuters. Bidding is scheduled for June 23, 2012; they will be held in the framework of the auction, Sports Legends and Music Icons, where in addition to the crypt of the king of rock ' n ' roll will be sold personal belongings musicians and athletes.The starting price of the crypt - 100 thousand dollars. Underground tomb where the body of Elvis Presley was in the months after his death, is located in Memphis, Tennessee. The burial site is located on the territory of the cemetery forest hill, one of the oldest in Memphis.The buyer who acquires the crypt, get the contact details of the management of the cemetery, to settle all the formalities relating to the use of the tomb. Currently the remains of Elvis Presley are buried in the meditation garden belonged to the singer's Graceland, in Memphis. The tomb of the musician is located near the grave of his mother.In addition to the crypt of Elvis on auctions Sports Legends and Music Icons will be available to purchase clothes and other personal belongings Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Keith Richards, Michael Jordan, and others. Читать полностью -->

Deceased literary critic Yevgeny Pasternak

Deceased literary critic Yevgeny PasternakIn Moscow on July 31, passed away literary critic and literature historian Yevgeny Pasternak, the son of the writer Boris Pasternak. About it on the social network Facebook wrote Tatyana Levina, an employee of the State Tretyakov gallery.Evgeny Pasternak was born in 1923, he was the son of the writer from his first marriage with Eugenia Lurie. Source: Died literary critic Yevgeny Pasternak. . . . Читать полностью -->

Father of Marina Golub does not know about her death

Father of Marina Golub does not know about her deathAdult daughter Marina Golub Anastasia is shocked by the death of his mother. According to rumors, the father of a popular actress Grigori and does not know that his daughter died in a terrible car crash.Now daughter Anastasia Marina Golub most left in the shade and not commented on the incident. In the close environment of the daughter of the deceased actress say that she is in deep shock. Moreover, from the father Golub generally conceal the death of the daughter."We had to almost shut down his apartment so he could not see or hear about the terrible tragedy, you must first prepare it" - quoted friend Golub TV presenter Tatyana Pushkin "Express newspaper". It is reported that Marina Golub will be buried on Saturday, October 13 at the cemetery Troekurov. Civil funeral will take place on the main stage of the Moscow art theatre named after Chekhov. Читать полностью -->

Gillian Anderson meets with his former colleague on the series

Gillian Anderson meets with his former colleague on the seriesGillian Anderson meets with his former colleague on the TV series "the x-files" David Duchovny.Many years have passed since then, as the press was wondering is there a romantic relationship between David and Gillian. But it seems that the gap Gillian and the father of her two children, gave occasion to remember the old days. According to the CDL website, Gillian and David for a long time are in a serious relationship and even live together.A couple of weeks ago, the actress vaguely replied in an interview to questions about his personal life, saying that she was Dating someone, but strongly hesitated with the answer to the question, does it mean the father of her children. Note that in addition to a possible novel Gillian with the star of the series "Slutty California, she is also credited with relationships with women. Create heroes finally mystical series "Secret materials" happy couple - time will tell. Source: Gillian Anderson meets with his former colleague on the series. Читать полностью -->

Rapper 50 Cent was hospitalized for surgery

Rapper 50 Cent was hospitalized for surgery Famous American hip-hop artist 50 Cent was hospitalized. The rapper has shared with fans on Twitter personal photos taken in the hospital. The actor announced that he will be a major operation, but did not specify what exactly.50 Cent rushed to reassure anxious fans and to announce that, despite hospitalization, soon will release his new musical creations. Moreover, on the day will be presented a new music video."I'm in the hospital, but my music is ready and will be released in time," wrote the rapper, "I'm honestly not want to do surgery". Source: Rapper 50 Cent was hospitalized for surgery . . Читать полностью -->

Lady GaGa showed up at the airport in a Thong

Lady GaGa showed up at the airport in a Thong American singer Lady GaGa showed up at the airport of Los Angeles in tights and Thong.Star once again shocked the audience with his candid outfit. The paparazzi were greeted by half-naked Gaga in the Los Angeles airport and were pleasantly surprised by her appearance.In turn, the singer happily posed for photographers and even gave autographs to passers-by. Source: Lady GaGa showed up at the airport in a Thong . . . . Читать полностью -->

Katie Holmes will change the name of the daughter

Katie Holmes will change the name of the daughterBarely a few weeks since the wife of Tom cruise, Katie Holmes filed for divorce, and now almost ex-wife, has already signed a peace agreement.Loud trial similar to the one that was the ex-beatle Paul McCartney and his wife Heather mills did not happen. Tom made concessions Cathy faster than expected.In the end, Katie got almost everything I wanted. That will pay her multimillion amount of compensation and will share the estate. In addition, he gave her the most precious daughter Suri, the contents of which, please note, now will also pay a large sum of money. Suri will live in new York with his mother, who had already begun to find her elite private school.But, most importantly, Katie is seriously stated that she wants to soon change the name of his daughter. Presumably, now Suri cruise will call Scout Holmes. Читать полностью -->

Leighton Meester has changed its orientation

Leighton Meester has changed its orientation The star of the popular youth television series "Gossip girl" has changed its orientation.Fortunately, sympathy for the girls - just the idea of the video singer Vanessa Curry. In the music video for the incendiary song "Addicted to Love" by Leighton played a passionate lesbian scene with his girlfriend, whose role in the video were recorded by Vanessa.Source: Leighton Meester has changed its orientation . . . . . Читать полностью -->

The most frightening film of the year - `Prometheus`

The most frightening film of the year - `Prometheus` may 31 on the screen comes the most anticipated movie of 2012, Prometheus Ridley Scott. "They were looking for the cradle of mankind, and found his death" - perhaps this one phrase is enough to scare... .Source: the Most frightening film of the year - "Prometheus" . . . . Читать полностью -->

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