The groom Buzova attacked with fists upon a star `Home-2`

The groom Buzova attacked with fists upon a star `Home-2`The star of the TV project "Dom-2" Rustam Solntsev was the victim of the attack, midfielder of FC "locomotive" Dmitry Tarasov, who is the fiancГ© of TV presenter Olga Buzova. According to the victim, Tarasov had been verbally abused and even threatened with punishment.Unpleasant incident has occurred the day before at the airport Domodedovo. In the words of the star of "House-2" Rustam Solntsev, who has long since left the project and left to float freely on the turbulent waves of show business, he met my mother and did not expect such a swoop on the player. The athlete did not stop even the fact that he was accompanied by beloved Olga Buzova.However, as it turned out, the conflict became a sarcastic joke itself Rustam Solntsev, allotted to them in the address of Dmitry Tarasov almost a year ago. Then he and another former "household" Stepan Menshchikov together his own program that ribbed "asymmetry" of the face of the groom of Olga Buzova. Football was not able to endure such humiliation and started calling with threats Menshikova and Solntsev, transmit Life News."I will submit it to the court, because I don't want to forgive this person. Читать полностью -->

Sharon stone has forgotten to put on for a walk underwear

Sharon stone has forgotten to put on for a walk underwear The actress is doing everything to young lover lost interest in it.Sharon stone and her boyfriend Martin Mika recently very often caught in the lenses of the paparazzi. On the last walk 54-year-old actress looked like she tries to keep her lover, which is exactly 2 times younger than her, in suspense.Together with Mika walk stone decided not to wear underwear " that will be provocative. And the young brunette seems susceptible to this kind of tricks - he hugged the known companion. Source: Sharon stone forgot to put on for a walk underwear . . . Читать полностью -->

Lady Gaga got a tattoo on his head

Lady Gaga got a tattoo on his head Recently, the singer boasted before his many fans "the new thing". On Stephanie's body has a new tattoo. The girl has published in his microblog photo made into a tattoo parlor.They depict Gaga and master, who fills her new figure....on the head. Right in the spot where just a few days ago, the singer shaved hair, appeared the image of an angel.The final result Gaga was satisfied. The singer is sure that tattoo is very nice and they serve as an additional decoration for any girl. Source: Lady Gaga got a tattoo on his head . Читать полностью -->

Serebrennikov will compete for the prize in Venice

Serebrennikov will compete for the prize in VeniceIn the official program of the 69th Venice film festival were three Russian film. On the main competition was selected picture of Kirill Serebrennikov's "Betrayal".On Thursday hosted a presentation of the official program of one of the most prestigious film festivals. There it was announced that in Venice will show three Russian films, two of them will compete for awards.So, on the main competition got a picture of Kirill Serebrennikov's "Betrayal", the premiere of which will take place at the film forum. New work by Russian Director focuses on the psychology of infidelity, which often leads to this drama.The film tells how two casual acquaintances learn that their spouses are lovers. Starring in "Treason" was performed by German actress Franziska Petri and Macedonian actor Dejan Lilic. Also in the film was attended by the soloist of group "VIA Gra" Albina dzhanabaeva, reports RIA Novosti."I'll be honest - for us getting into the main competition with this group of participants is already a victory. Читать полностью -->

Kandelaki is resting on a luxury yacht

Kandelaki is resting on a luxury yacht Popular TV presenter and social activist Tina Kandelaki is vacationing on a cruise on a luxury yacht, which at a cost of 450 thousand euros per week.Tina Kandelaki is now an active user of the social network Twitter. Thus, the known TV presenter not only shares with many fans of the successes and failures of our athletes at the London Olympics, actively working, and resting, and manages to put his own naughty photos.For example, Kandelaki has published in his microblog picture in a simple black bathing suit. Unfortunately, only waist-deep, but fans of the TV presenter still was pleased with the seductive curves of Tina. TV presenter revealed that resting now with children, 12-year-old Melania and ten-year Leonty, luxury yacht, which, incidentally, costs Kandelaki 450 thousand euros per week. TV presenter posted a photo of the vessel. Tina obviously envy of the oligarch Roman Abramovich, said some fans Kandelaki.However, not only the images of the yacht and myself were limited to TV presenter. Читать полностью -->

Paul Lee will take the series about the Hulk

Paul Lee will take the series about the HulkHead of ABC entertainment Paul Lee announced the intention of his company to shoot a TV series dedicated to the Hulk. The news reports the edition NY Daily News.Paul Lee said that ABC will make every effort to the project was presented to the audience in 2013-2014."We had hoped that the series will be ready this year, but unfortunately, this did not happen.". . . . . Читать полностью -->

Christian Bale was offered the role of the Mexican criminal

Christian Bale was offered the role of the Mexican criminalChristian Bale offered the lead role in the film adaptation of the novel by the American writer of Boston Teran "the Principle of violence" ("The Creed of Violence"), according to the website Collider.The book was first published in 2010. The story takes place in 1910 in Mexico. The main character is a criminal named (or nicknamed) Rabon (Rawbone) engaged in the transportation of weapons. According to the story, his arrest, Bureau of investigation. However, the agent John Lourdes promises to release Rabona, if he would agree to work under the management of the Bureau.The statement of the "Principle of non-violence" will Todd field ("In the bedroom", "little children"). Currently, the filmmakers are negotiating with Bale. Читать полностью -->

Christina Aguilera shocked by their appearance

Christina Aguilera shocked by their appearance Not long ago, Christina dropped a few pounds, for her fans was the reason for joy. Like, specifically for the release of the new album, Aguilera decided to postroynet and it succeeds. Cover of the first single really pleased the eye.On it, singer Nude, though far from the level she had before she got fat, but still looks very appetizing.But there it was. At a recent presentation in Los Angeles, Christina appeared on the red carpet made everyone gasp. It was her outfit. Long black gown, with lace inserts so tightly hugged her curvy shape that seemed to be one breath and the outfit will spread at the seams.But Christine, it seems, did not bother. Читать полностью -->