Tom cruise and Katie Holmes are officially divorced

Tom cruise and Katie Holmes are officially divorcedHollywood stars Tom cruise and Katie Holmes are officially divorced. Now they are trying to resolve the issue regarding the custody of their six year old daughter Suri.One of the most beautiful couples of Hollywood signed the divorce agreement. According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", this was reported by representatives of movie stars. In a joint statement on 9 July, they said they will try to settle the issue of joint custody of their child.The girl is the only daughter 33-year-old Holmes, while Tom cruise has two adopted children from his marriage to Australian actress Nicole Kidman.Recall that the first information about the desire of couples to divorce appeared at the end of June. Then it became known that Katie Holmes with her daughter moved out of their joint cruise of the mansion. Among the causes of the quarrel was called and the Church of Scientology, whose adept is Cruz, and his alleged affair, and strong workload in the work. Читать полностью -->

Child Evelina Bledans was born with down syndrome

Child Evelina Bledans was born with down syndromeAfter three and a half months after the birth of a child Evelina Bledans finally gathered my courage and told everyone about the tragedy that accompanied her from the middle of a long-awaited pregnancy.It turns out the kid Evelina and her husband, Alexander Semin, Simon, was born with a disappointing down syndrome. The actress found out about this when we were on the 14-th week of pregnancy: "I as a good mom, only to learn that waiting for a child to see a doctor immediately. And here comes another ultrasound showed that the baby crease on the back of the head, and this is a possible sign of down syndrome. And even water some in the lungs, showed that the child will be born disabled" - admitted the actress.The doctors began to persuade Bledans to have an abortion, but she, after consulting with her husband, refused, thinking that her baby is still for parents the best and most favorite."Our doctors don't understand such things. And if you find any suspected problems with the child, convince women to have an abortion. We were told: "Well, Evelyn, you know, age...". Читать полностью -->

Stars in the most gorgeous necklaces

Stars in the most gorgeous necklaces Many famous ladies unable to resist the luxurious jewelry.More than the weight of the jewelry, the better; the more carats in precious stones, so they are more desirable, - Hollywood Actresses, models and celebrities with add delight to your outfit the most immodest jewelry is able to bring its owner the most attention. Source: Stars in the most gorgeous necklaces . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Vanessa Paradis seeks solace in the arms of lenny Kravitz

Vanessa Paradis seeks solace in the arms of lenny KravitzThe gap johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis was a shock to the entire world, but nevertheless, after 14 years of marriage they parted peacefully and without heavy divorce process.Vanessa and johnny broke up, and now everyone lives their life. The press and the fans of the ex-spouses follow the development of events, and all noticed that Vanessa is not behind his former lover johnny Depp ( and his new girlfriend amber heard) and also found a consolation.Elect former Mrs Depp was lenny Kravitz, with whom they are familiar with the early 90-ies. Moreover, Lennie even cared for Vanessa, but she chose him over johnny Depp.According to a source close to Vanessa, Kravitz was the love of her life before she met johnny. For many years they remained close friends, but lenny says that despite their break, Vanessa always can rely on him, especially in difficult situations. Source: Vanessa Paradis seeks solace in the arms of lenny Kravitz. . Читать полностью -->

The shooting of the novels `the Hobbit` came to an end

The shooting of the novels `the Hobbit` came to an endFilming of "the Hobbit: an Unexpected journey" and "the Hobbit 2: There and back again" was completed. Such a recording left on his page in Facebook Director Peter Jackson."We did it. Shoot day 266 and all work at the site of "the Hobbit" is completed. Thank our fantastic actors and the whole team who helped us get this far and to all of you for your support. The next stage is the timeline. Well, Comic-Con, of course," he wroteRecall that the first part of the novels will be released on 14 December 2012, and the second a year later. Читать полностью -->

Madonna will give the first concert of the world tour in Israel

Madonna will give the first concert of the world tour in IsraelSpeech before tens of thousands of viewers in Israel American singer Madonna will begin on Thursday world tour, which will span several continents, down to Australia, and will last until 2013, reports RIA "Novosti".Tour to support new album M. D. N. A. promises to be the biggest in the career of Madonna. On the website the pop diva says about 76 already announced concert dates and confirmed sales of more than 1.4 million tickets. Читать полностью -->

The billionaire will punish wife unburied

The billionaire will punish wife unburiedBritish police accused the billionaire Hans Kristian Rausing, who lived a few days in the house with the corpse of his wife Eva, that he did not provide a decent funeral of his wife. Suspect in the murder of the heir to the Tetra Pak Empire dropped.As announced Tuesday by Scotland Yard, the body of Eva Rausing, most likely, spent in a luxurious mansion for more than a week. The cause of death until the install failed, but the main version is still a drug overdose.It is expected that Hans Rausing will appear before the court. According to British law, he could face life imprisonment, although such a harsh punishment in recent years has not been used even once.A few hours before the Rausing was charged, relatives of Eva Rausing released a statement stating that they don't blame the billionaire in his wife's death. Father of Eva Rausing, a former CEO of Pepsi Tom Kemeny said his daughter tried to convince my husband to go with her to a drug treatment clinic in the USA. "Until the death of Eva cared for beloved husband. Читать полностью -->

The Billboard magazine has honored Katy Perry title of `woman of the year 2012`

The Billboard magazine has honored Katy Perry title of `woman of the year 2012`The Billboard magazine has honored Katy Perry honorary title of "woman of the year 2012". Such an important event pop singer summed up the 2012.Chief editor bill Werd noted that Cathy for his five-year career managed to do much more than many other time in his life. Hits in her performance kept the ranking for a record time, worldwide tour was successful and productive, and a 3D film about the life and love of the singer, despite the contradiction judgment, became megapopular biographical story of the idol of millions of people on the planet.Katy Perry became famous thanks to the single "Ur So Gay 2007 and the global smash hit I Kissed a Girl", which topped the charts in many countries. The first lines of the Billboard Hot 100 for quite a long time held and other musical compositions Katie, for example, California Gurls, Teenage Dream, Firework, E. T. and Last Friday Night (T. Читать полностью -->

Famous hostess was burned in Volgograd

Famous hostess was burned in VolgogradNatalia Veselova, leading Volgograd "Russian radio" and active blogers, was burned on Thursday in his apartment in Volgograd.The specialists of the Ministry of emergency situations extinguished the fire in less than twenty minutes, but it was too late: the rescuers found in the apartment the body Veselova and had to certify death, reports "Interfax".According to the preliminary version, the fire occurred as a result of a short circuit.Apparently, Veselova was electrocuted, and she lost consciousness, unable to get out of the burning apartment.August 10, Veselov had to move to Moscow for permanent residence because he received a job offer in one of known media.Natalia Veselova was only 41 years old. In the last month of her life she was an active participant of the campaign "fundraising in support of residents in Krymsk". Listeners Volgograd "Russian radio" she remembered always cheerful, optimistic and bright. Their ethers it ends with the phrase: "Always Yours, Veselov Natasha". In memory of leading trends in the Russian Twitter the hashtag "Veganessentials". Source: Famous hostess was burned in Volgograd. Читать полностью -->

In Moscow thieves robbed the Studio Bari Alibasov

In Moscow thieves robbed the Studio Bari AlibasovIn Moscow unknown criminals stole from the Studio producer and musician Bari Alibasov. About it on July 26, RIA Novosti reported.The criminals got into the room located in an apartment house 13/1 for Alleys lane, July 25. According to the Agency "Interfax", they picked up the keys to the front door.The thieves were two camera's and 30 thousand rubles. The total damage is estimated at 180 thousand rubles.Alibasov went to the police. Upon theft criminal case is brought.The anonymous source of the edition of Life News said that the Studio is located in a luxury house which are difficult to penetrate for outsiders. "Probably stole some of their own. Читать полностью -->

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