Near Novorossiysk, a festival of `Balance`

Near Novorossiysk, a festival of `Balance` Novorossiysk was the first festival of audiovisual culture "Balance".For two days scenic Abrau-Durso has turned into an art site, where you could see scientific documentaries, sound and light and water installations, to listen to actual music, and even make your own animated film.Balance began with the oak tree in an open field, on the shore of lake Abrau. This site Boris Titov and Pavel Lungin was considered ideal to perform the first Russian festival of audiovisual culture. And although the swimming season is already on the decline, around the tree with luxuriant foliage suddenly a lot of people."For every time its purpose. Here in the season a lot of people. Or before the season starts, or after," says Boris Titov.Ideas from artists who were invited to participate in the "Balance" were so many that in one place they would not fit. The area around the lake was divided into distinctive clusters for an evening concert. Читать полностью -->

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev have lunch at a Japanese cafe

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev have lunch at a Japanese cafe Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev had dinner in the Japanese restaurant Shima in Los Angeles and got into the lenses of the paparazzi. Later witness the couple and we filmed it in shop Windows and on the street. Nothing special - just continue to know that they are still together.Source: Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev have lunch at a Japanese cafe . . . . Читать полностью -->

In St. Petersburg buried writer Pyotr Kozhevnikov

In St. Petersburg buried writer Pyotr KozhevnikovIn St. Petersburg on Wednesday said goodbye to writer, actor, playwright, TV presenter Peter Kozhevnikov, who died of a heart attack on 7 September at the 60th year of life. He is buried at the Smolensk cemetery, informs radio "Freedom".Pyotr Kozhevnikov was born 8 June 1953, worked for 14 years as a laboratory assistant, loader, engineer, trainer, coach hand combat, a journalist, was the author of several documentaries, TV presenter, appeared on the series.He was the youngest legendary author of the almanac "Metropol". He is the author of the book "do Not cast me away", "the year of the Ogre", "the Meaning of life"."Petersburg of Dostoevsky, strange voice of his heroes, defenseless and Frank, suddenly appeared in the pages of novels and short stories by a young author in the late 70-ies of the last century. Talented prose was noticed not only in Russia, stories Kozhevnikova "Two notebooks", "Student" was published in Germany, America, France. Читать полностью -->

An unknown portrait of the wife of Rembrandt

An unknown portrait of the wife of RembrandtDutch cultural Fund in memory of Friesland (province in the North of the country) found a picture, which probably belongs to the brush of Rembrandt. This was reported on the website edition of De Telegraaf.The painting depicts the wife of the Dutch painter Saskia van Uylenburg, who often modeled for her husband. The existence of this portrait was not previously known.About the picture, the Foundation learned from the collector, whose name was not disclosed. According to the publication, he purchased a piece of art a few years ago in Sweden "at reasonable cost".Meanwhile, the authorship of Rembrandt is not confirmed yet. The newspaper writes that the picture has already evaluated a number of experts who believe that a picture could be painted by another artist, Dutch painter, a pupil of Rembrandt, Govert Flinck. It is known that the Flink some time studied with Lambert Jacobs, who lived near the home of the father of Saskia Robertus van Uylenburgh. Читать полностью -->

Tom Holland shields `People of the tenth hour` by Stephen king

Tom Holland shields `People of the tenth hour` by Stephen kingTom Holland was appointed writer and Director of feature film based on the story by Stephen king, "the People of the tenth hour" ("The ten o'clock people"), according to the website Deadline.Mentioned the story was first presented to readers in the book "nightmares and fantastic visions" ("Nightmares & Dreamscapes"), published in 1993. The protagonist of "the People of the tenth hour" - Brandon Pearson, a smoker trying to give up the habit. He tries to smoke only once a day - during the morning break at work (hence the name of the story). As a result in the body Pearson occur to some chemical changes, and he begins to notice that his side live people pretending to be monsters.Tom Holland has already put movies based on the works of Stephen king. In 1995 he directed the two-part film "the Langoliers", in 1996 - a picture of "losing weight". In both cases, the Holland also made as a writer. Читать полностью -->

Robin Gibb death

Robin Gibb deathHundreds of fans gathered on Friday in his hometown of Robin Gibb of the Tame in Oxfordshire to celebrate the passing of the legendary musician, informs RIA "news" referring to TV channel Sky News.Robin Gibb died on may 20 at age 62 after a long illness - for a long time he struggled with cancer.Snow white's coffin Gibb visited the Central city street in a white carriage with glass walls. The crew was drawn by four black horses, and its roof is covered with white and pink flowers. Headed the funeral procession Piper, dressed in a kilt, and the crew followed friends and relatives of the deceased, including his brother, Barry - the last surviving member of the Bee Gees. Closed the procession two favorite dogs musician, Irish wolfhounds, Ollie and Missy.According to relatives of the musician, the last wish of Gibb had to say goodbye to the fans and to his native city. The townspeople, many of whom knew of Gibb from early childhood, lined up along the main street and applauded after the carriage with the body of the artist. Many eyes had tears.Farewell ceremony with Gibb was held in the small Church of St Mary. Читать полностью -->

Boyarsky will voice the animated film `Three heroes: On distant shores`

Boyarsky will voice the animated film `Three heroes: On distant shores`Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Dmitry Dyuzhev will voice the cartoon "Three heroes: On distant shores" - new full movies animation Studio "Melnitsa" about the adventures of favorite characters.It is known that Lizaveta will announce Baba Yaga, but what character would get the voice Dyuzheva, not yet reported. Director of animation - Konstantin Feoktistov, producer Sergey Selyanov and Alexander Boyarsky. The premiere is scheduled for December 27 of this year. Source: Boyarsky will voice the cartoon "Three heroes: On distant shores"". . . Читать полностью -->

`Count Orlov` - the most anticipated musical of the year

`Count Orlov` - the most anticipated musical of the yearOctober 6, 2012, will premiere a new major project operetta - musical "Graf Orlov". An original play based on real events of the era of Catherine the great, succeeds the hugely popular "Monte Cristo", which ran at the Theater of operetta record four seasons.To create a new musical by the team that worked on "Monte Cristo", began in February 2012. Libretto "Count Orlov" wrote one of the most famous Russian poets and playwrights, the author of more than fifty popular songs - Yuliy Kim. Music - composer Roman Ignatiev. The performance is directed by Alina Cevik, already not the first year successfully operating in the difficult genre of the musical. The choreographer-Director - honoured artist of Russia Irina Korneeva, professional choreographer of dance with the widest range.Art and lighting-Petersburg theatre artists Vyacheslav Okunev and Gleb Filshtinsky, whose work is well known in such theaters as La Scala, Metropolitan Opera, Mariinsky and Bolshoi. Читать полностью -->

The pilot Marussia lost an eye in an accident

The pilot Marussia lost an eye in an accidentThe pilot of the Russian team "Formula 1" Marussia Maria de Villota, recently crashed during a test of race, has lost in the accident right eye."This morning after a lengthy operation of head and face injuries, Mary received in the accident at the airfield in Duxford, it was taken from the operating room of a hospital in Edenbrooke, said team principal John Booth. We are thankful for the medical care that gets Maria, and her family thanked the team of neurological surgeons and plastic Department. However, with great pain I have to say that as a result of injuries Maria had lost his right eye".The stories of the wounded colleagues racers, she is diagnosed with a serious head injury and severe damage to the front part.Currently the state of the female pilot remains critical but stable, according to RIA Novosti. As reported by Booth, the priority of the team is to take care of Wilate. He also thanked the service airfield in Duxford, where the accident occurred, for the prompt response to a tragic accident.Investigation into the cause of the accident continues, made by experts about the findings will be reported later.Recall that last Tuesday, Maria de Villota tested a race car and lost control. In the result, the vehicle crashed into a stationary truck on the track team, and the pilot received serious injuries and was urgently taken to hospital, where she underwent surgery.First Villota was conscious, reports Life News, but later she got worse and the athlete had to immerse in a state of artificial coma. Читать полностью -->

Olga Buzova and her husband gave the first interview after the wedding

Olga Buzova and her husband gave the first interview after the weddingPopular TV presenter Olga Buzova and her husband, footballer Dmitry Tarasov gave the first candid interview after the wedding. It turned out, the lovers were unable to go on a honeymoon, but are already working hard to addition to the family.Recall the wedding of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov has played on 26 June in the framework of strict confidentiality. On the celebration that took place on the ship, attended by only the closest relatives and friends. For example, from Ksenia Borodina Olga and Mikhail Terekhin, "households" Dasha and Sergey Pinzari, as well as Eugene and Anton Guseva, just recently celebrated the wedding, and on the part of Dmitry - Dmitry Torbinsky with his wife. The reception itself was held in the Griboedov registry office. It was implied that after the wedding the couple will go on honeymoon, but it never happened."It so happened that on 1 July Dimochka departed for the camp, so we could not go into a full-fledged honeymoon, and arranged a honeymoon weekend" - quoted Olga Buzova magazine "Antenna". Читать полностью -->

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