The pianist van Cliburn diagnosed with cancer

The pianist van Cliburn diagnosed with cancerThe American pianist van Cliburn diagnosed with bone cancer at a late stage. It is reported Associated Press with reference to the statement of a friend of pianist Mary Lou Falcon (Mary Lou Falcone).78-year-old musician is resting at his home in Fort worth, Texas. According to Falcon, the mood at Cliburn good, is meticulous care and constant supervision.Cliburn has achieved world fame after in 1958 he won the first international Tchaikovsky competition. Pianist signed a contract with record label RCA, which was released on vinyl First piano Concerto by Tchaikovsky performed by the Cliburn. The album was certified platinum (for the first time in the history of recordings of classical music) and was awarded the "Grammy".Later van Cliburn repeatedly came to the USSR with concerts. In the USA Cliburn was also a very popular musician - for example, he has appeared before all of the presidents since Harry Truman. Читать полностью -->

Zara first showed newborn son

Zara first showed newborn son The singer starred in a photo shoot with his two sons, the youngest of whom is only a month and a half.The singer in an interview with OK magazine admitted that her husband, businessman Sergei Ivanov already dreaming about my daughter. But Zara is not yet ready for the completion of: "Two boys is a good number, we'll see how life goes." Recall, in addition to a six Maxim in the family grows up a two-year Daniel.According to the singer, both her son get along well and the eldest child was delighted with the appearance of her brother: "He to him first stared, then his body hovered over him and began to touch the nose, eyes. And now, seeing that Maxim in my arms, he can come up to pet him very gently and immediately run away - these are the emotions overwhelm him!". Source: Zara first showed newborn son . . . Читать полностью -->

`Madagascar 3` became the champion of the world in tinospora

`Madagascar 3` became the champion of the world in tinosporaThe cartoon "Madagascar-3" became the champion of the world in tinospora according to the results of last weekend. Second place went to record last week - "Prometheus" by Ridley Scott, and the three leading causes of "Men in black 3".Global fees "Madagascar-3" to the beginning of the week exceeded $ 160 million, of which 60 million dollars came from the USA and Canada. Russia and CIS, except Ukraine, collected $ 16 million, according to the portal success of "Madagascar" pushed to the second position of "Prometheus", which previously occupied the first row of film distribution in Russia and North America. We add that the interest of the audience to the film by Ridley Scott drops significantly.So, last weekend, the film has collected in Russia only $ 3.3 million, while in the premiere weekend, the picture has collected more than $ 50 million. A worldwide box office of "Prometheus" is at the level of $ 150 million.But in third place in the domestic box office was "Men in black 3, will add to his piggy Bank $ 1.8 million. In cinemas, the film has already earned $ 33 million dollars, reports RIA Novosti.The fourth position was occupied by the controversial painting "the Dictator" with Sacha Baron Cohen, who earned 98 thousand dollars. Читать полностью -->

Catherine Zeta-Jones on the cover of the magazine IO Donna

Catherine Zeta-Jones on the cover of the magazine IO Donna British actress Catherine Zeta-Jones starred in elegant photo shoot for the July issue of the magazine IO Donna.In the latest issue of women's magazine 42-year-old movie star not only showed a slim figure, but also spoke about the health problems and depression.Katherine admitted that he suffers from bipolar depression is a serious psychological disease that are difficult to treat. Looking at the new pictures, it's hard to think that such a successful and beautiful women, like Katherine, there may be problems. However, the actress admitted that the long-suffering one of the most severe types of depression and learning to live with the disease. Moreover, she found the strength to give advice to other people suffering from bipolar depression:"I wouldn't want to talk about their diagnosis," says the star, " But in General I would like to say to all people with bipolar depression that they are not alone! Such as we need to support each other and understand what in the world millions of people suffer from this disease! We need to talk about it, let's move on to specialists and not to withdraw into themselves, because it's the worst for us." Source: Catherine Zeta-Jones on the cover of the magazine IO Donna . . . Читать полностью -->

Premiere of the new video group Couple

Premiere of the new video group CoupleThe long-awaited premiere of the music video of Couple on the song "Smoke" will be held tomorrow at 19:00 Moscow time on the official channel of the band in YOUTUBE (. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Pilot John Travolta spoke about their 6-year-old novel

Pilot John Travolta spoke about their 6-year-old novelIt would seem that the scandal surrounding the sexual preferences of John Travolta had already begun to fade. But the ex-pilot of an actor who claims he had a romantic relationship with him, decided to give an interview.Doug Hotter, a former pilot John Travolta has decided to tell his story of a six-year romantic relationship with the actor.Have the interview for the post of pilot in 1981, Doug realized that John is flirting with him."We went to a ski resort," says Hotter. - We had a great dinner with a fantastic bottle of Merlot, and I had the feeling that he takes care of me. When we returned from the restaurant, John asked me if I wanted massage".The pilot could not refuse-known actor and massage grew into something more. The last time they saw each other in 1991, after the wedding of John with Kelly Preston."I asked him, now after the wedding, he prefers men or women. And he looked me in the eye and said that he prefers men," said the pilot. Читать полностью -->

The Department of culture of Moscow has dismissed the Director of the `New Opera`

The Department of culture of Moscow has dismissed the Director of the `New Opera`The Department of culture of Moscow unilaterally terminated the contract with the Director GUK "Moscow theatre "New Opera" Sergey Lysenko, transfers "Interfax"."The basis for termination of the contract were numerous claims to the organizational and financial-economic activities of the Director of the state institution of culture", - said the Agency in the Department of culture on Thursday.According to the Department of culture, acting Director of the New Opera" appointed Chairman of the creative Board of the theatre, principal chorus master of the theatre of Natalia Popovich.We will remind, on Tuesday the Moscow Department of culture fired the artistic Director of the Theatre. Gogol Sergey Yashin and Director of theatre Anatoly Shlaustas and appointed the artistic Director of the famous film Director Kirill Serebrennikov, Director - Alexey Malopolska.The cause of permutations is the fact that, as stated in a press release prepared by the Department of culture, theatre in recent years has been among the outsiders among the city's theaters. On average during the year, the number of visitors who came to the theatre, did not exceed 80 thousand people, while in the great hall of 700 seats. The attendance of the Theatre named after N. In. Gogol last year, during which was released only one new statement was only 36%. Читать полностью -->

Chris Hemsworth decided to surf

Chris Hemsworth decided to surf Chris Hemsworth is not only a popular actor but also a young dad, so minutes of rest, we think, he rarely issued. Therefore, in order to pass the free time for the benefit of yourself, Chris went to his native Australia, there to conquer one of the local beaches.And he did it with Hemsworth at least twice: when "saddled" on his surf Board local high waves, and the second - when actually appeared on the beach.For anybody not a secret that the actor is the owner of a slim, toned, muscular body. And even though this time Chamfort was dressed in a special suit, he became the center of attention for all the ladies on the beach. Source: Chris Hemsworth decided to surf . . . Читать полностью -->

Sony Pictures has moved the premiere of the remake of `Robocop`

Sony Pictures has moved the premiere of the remake of `Robocop`Sony Pictures has moved the premiere of the remake of the sci-Fi movie "Robocop". As reported in the official press release, the picture will be released on 9 August 2013, as previously planned, and on 7 February 2014.The reason for the change of the rolling schedule is not specified. The main competitor of the movie in this time period will the game adaptation "Need for Speed".Recall that in the new version of "Robocop" starring Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, Joel Kinnaman, Abbie Cornish, and other actors. The picture Director Jose Padilla. Source: Sony Pictures has moved the premiere of the remake of "Robocop"". Читать полностью -->

Sarah Michelle Gellar gave birth to a boy

Sarah Michelle Gellar gave birth to a boyHollywood actress and star of TV series "Buffy the vampire Slayer" became a mother for the second time.Last week, the movie star gave birth to a boy at the elite clinic in Los Angeles. In an official statement made by the actress and her husband Freddie Prinze Jr., star parents confirmed the rumors about the birth of her second child:"We are happy to announce that we had a boy, according to the statement, "Mother and baby are doing well".Recall that the couple, who got married in September 2002, there are 3-year-old daughter Charlotte. Source: Sarah Michelle Gellar gave birth to a boy. . . . Читать полностью -->

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