`President Lincoln` failed at the box office

`President Lincoln` failed at the box officeThe film "Abraham Lincoln: vampire Hunter" started very poorly in North America, earning by the end of the first weekend only 16.5 million dollars.This allowed another Hollywood project Timur Bekmambetov to take only third place in the list of the highest-grossing project of the American rental.The absolute leader was the animated film "Brave", earned 66,7 million dollars, and in the second place resist "Madagascar 3" with the result of us $ 20.2 million. It is noteworthy that the latter is in a rental for three weeks.Thus, the film Bekmambetov showed premiere fees are comparable to fees of another project on the "vampire" theme, the movie "the Shepherd". This is a film with a slightly smaller production budget earned at the start of 15 million dollars and eventually failed at the box office. Source: "President Lincoln" failed at the box office. . . Читать полностью -->

Pregnant Gisele Bundchen showed her tummy on the beach

Pregnant Gisele Bundchen showed her tummy on the beach Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen clearly confirmed the numerous rumors about the pregnancy.Despite the fact that the top model is still not commented on his "interesting situation", her rounded tummy speaks for itself. The star appeared on the beach in Costa Rica in bikini, showing her pregnant belly. The company model was her two year old son Benjamin.Note that Giselle has repeatedly and publicly spoke about wanting to have a big family."My husband and Tom Brady want to become happy parents of two, or even three children, "said Giselle, Because to create a strong family is the main purpose of a woman". Source: Pregnant Gisele Bundchen showed her tummy on the beach . . . Читать полностью -->

15 of the sexiest bond girls

15 of the sexiest bond girlsBritish newspaper the Sun summed up the reader's vote, which determined "the sexiest bond girl". The participants in the survey, timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the release of the first film about the agent 007, was chosen among the dozens of friends movie hero James bond.According to voting results, the sexiest was named Swiss actress Ursula Andress, who received the role of bond girl in the first film Dr. No in 1962 and starred Sean Connery, reports NEWSru Israel. Ursula 76 years, she was a sex symbol of the 60s and starred in dozens of films. But world fame was brought to her that the role in the first James bond movie.Last year Ursula was named sixth in the TOP 100 "hottest women of all time", according to the popular magazine Men's Health ("Men's health"), the main theme of which is sexual relations.15 of the sexiest bond girls1. Ursula Andress (76). Читать полностью -->

The first footage of the movie `Resident evil 5` (photos, video)

The first footage of the movie `Resident evil 5` (photos, video)on September 13 on the big screen comes the fifth part of the movie "Resident evil: Retribution. According to the story, the film begins with, what ended the previous part: a SWAT team storming the ship "Arcadia", and the ship is sinking, but Alice (Milla Jovovich) and several others managed to escape.Then, in the name of saving humanity, the heroine is introduced into the heart of the secret research base, where he learns about his own mysterious past. It will have to rethink their views, and, with the help of new allies and old friends, to fight for survival.In addition to Jovovich, in the filming of the fifth "resident evil" was attended Michelle Rodriguez, Eli Larter, Kevin Durand, Sienna Guillory and many other actors.Source: First footage of the film "Resident evil 5" (photo, video). . . . Читать полностью -->

Pregnant Shakira danced on stage

Pregnant Shakira danced on stage It seems that Shakira is not someone who will hide his interesting position. Otmuchivanie almost half of pregnancy, the singer now gladly demonstrates to others your noticeably rounded tummy. Moreover, Shaq resumed concert activity.First, the pregnant singer on the scene saw in Baku, where the expectant mother arrived to perform at the local stadium. Shakira incendiary danced on stage during her performance and even performed a belly dance, despite the sixth month of pregnancy. According to the singer, her future baby (Shakira and her beloved Gerard Pique is a boy) loved to speak: "I felt great on stage. We felt great!" - posted by Shaq after the concert in his microblog.Recall that the singer is pregnant with Spanish footballer Gerard Pique, who stands for football club Barcelona. Читать полностью -->

At home that night, there was a plaque

At home that night, there was a plaque In Moscow have established a memorial Board famous actress Lyudmila Tselikovskaya. She became a star after the movie "four Hearts". Then there were dozens of bands, most famous paintings 40-ies - "the Grasshopper", "Air trooper".She also played the Queen in "Ivan the terrible" because of this movie, the entire crew was awarded the Stalin prize. The award not only got the Camera - on the personal decision of the head of state.This is true in full I left my home theatre to take part in the exciting action on Novinsky Boulevard. Vasily Lanovoy and Rimas Tuminas dropping the gold fabric. The plaque - the legend of the Vakhtangov Theatre, the star of Soviet cinema Lyudmila Tselikovskaya. Читать полностью -->

In the Network appeared the first teaser for `die hard 5`

In the Network appeared the first teaser for `die hard 5` Studio 20th Century Fox has released the first teaser trailer for the fifth "die hard". The film was partially shot in Moscow.The plot of action, hero Bruce Willis will go to Moscow to get his son out of jail. There he will face new challenges. In Russian, the film is due out on 14 February 2013, the website of the Movie.The film is set in Moscow, but the shooting of "die hard" was held in Budapest and Belgrade. For the project a very long time to choose the actor for the role of an adult son John McClane. In the end, he was played by Jay Courtney ("Spartacus. Читать полностью -->

Charlize Theron graced the cover of Italian gloss

Charlize Theron graced the cover of Italian gloss The main decoration of the October issue of the Italian glossy magazine Max, no doubt will become a new seductive photoshoot beauties Charlize Theron, who is not only once again show us a perfect figure, but will speak openly about the role: about the personal lives, affections and motherhood."I always wanted to have children. Recently my mom found a letter I wrote when I was eight years old: I ask him to take me to an orphanage, so I can choose there is a younger brother for himself. So adoption Jackson was not a spontaneous decision. When I hug him, I feel like the problems recede. I love it, it makes me gentle, soft, quiet," admitted the actress.By the way, the author of a new photoshoot Charlize became known in Europe photographer Bruno Dayan. Source: Charlize Theron graced the cover of Italian gloss . Читать полностью -->

Danny DeVito divorce with his wife after 30 years of marriage

Danny DeVito divorce with his wife after 30 years of marriageFamous Hollywood actor, Director and producer Danny DeVito and his wife Rea Perlman have separated after 30 years of marriage. This edition of Entertainment Tonight, with reference to the official representative DeVito.The reason for the divorce, which will still be legally, not specified.DeVito and Perlman met in 1970 after the Broadway show, which played an aspiring actor. They lived together, not getting married, 11 years, and only in 1982 I decided to make the relationship official. In the past, the couple worked on several TV shows and starred in the Comedy "Matilda".They have three children - Lucy (age 29), grace (27 years old) and Jacob (24 years). Source: Danny DeVito divorces his wife after 30 years of marriage. . Читать полностью -->

Viggo Mortensen called in the film `the Last voyage of the Demeter`

Viggo Mortensen called in the film `the Last voyage of the Demeter`Viggo Mortensen received an offer to play the main role in the film "the Last voyage of the Demeter", which will be based on Bram Stoker's novel "Dracula". This publication reports BloodyDisgusting.As we know, on this ship famous vampire arrived in London.About the circumstances of this terrible cruise became aware of found on Board a ship of the journal in which the captain described how one of the other missing members of his team. In the end, "Demeter," nailed by the storm to the English coast, on its Board there was not one person.What he thinks about himself Mortensen, is not specified. It is expected that the film will be shot in the spirit of "Alien". A picture Director appointed Neil Marshall. Source: Viggo Mortensen called in the film "the Last voyage of the Demeter"". Читать полностью -->

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