Charlie sheen is ready to use the iPad as a murder weapon

Charlie sheen is ready to use the iPad as a murder weaponNew trick scandalous and not reserved to the actor - throwing tablet. By the assurance of Charlie, he could easily use his iPad as a murder weapon.This year they released season 1 of the series "anger Management," in which Charlie sheen plays the role of a former baseball player and now a therapist, struggling with bouts of uncontrollable anger and rage. The irony is that in real life the actor also doesn't always cope with bouts of rage - so, the other day Charlie angrily threw my iPad at the wall.Read also: Charlie sheen threatened his wife with a knifeThe actor lost iTunes Apple trying to transfer music from one gadget to another. Owners of Apple devices are probably faced with a similar problem, but Tire "exploded", threw the tablet into the wall:"I took my iPad and threw it at the wall, I didn't know what the aerodynamics of the device. I realized that I can use it as a weapon when he saw that the tablet sticks out from the wall. Good news for Apple - the tablet worked perfectly.It seems to us that when one of the highest paid American TV actors get tired of his work, he quite successfully will be able to work in the Apple service center. Читать полностью -->

Named the most beautiful woman of the planet

Named the most beautiful woman of the planetMen's magazine Maxim has released the ranking of the first beauties of the planet. For the first time the top 100 was compiled on the basis of a survey of readers.Topped the rankings this year 26-year-old Israeli top model Bar Refaeli. Friend Leonardo DiCaprio regularly removed for fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar,ELLE, GQ and Maxim, and is on the runway fashion houses Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, and Valentino.The second place ranking went to 31-year-old American actress and model Olivia Munn, known for his roles in the films "Iron man 2". Third place went to her colleague actor's workshop, the American of Ukrainian origin Mila kunis, who is familiar to viewers of the television series "that 70's Show-x", the movie "Book of Eli" and "Black Swan".The top ten also got an American actress Katy Perry, Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma stone, Megan Fox, canadian model and singer Malin Akerman. The star of the movie 'transformers' Rosie Huntington Whiteley, held the top spot last year, this time was only in 11th place.Their preferences Maxim readers also paid Actresses Kate Beckinsale (12th place), Charlize Theron (16th), Jennifer Love Hewitt (20th), Emma Watson (21), Anne Hathaway (the 22nd), Jessica Biel (28th), Eva Mendes (the 29th). Placed in the top 100 and singer Rihanna, who took 32nd place and also Jessica Alba. Читать полностью -->

Alexey Vorobyov left Daineko

Alexey Vorobyov left DainekoWell-known artist and womanizer Alexei Vorobyov broke up with his girlfriend, singer Victoria Daineko. The actor has gone from a former lover on the eve of her birthday.Recently popular singer Victoria Dayneko with noise marked the 25th anniversary. The artist made a feast in the style of the masquerade in one of the capital's institutions and invited only the closest people. It was assumed that the celebration singers will appear, and her boyfriend Alexei Vorobyov, however, the artist never visited his girlfriend Victoria, and then it turned out that the couple actually broke up. However, both prefer the news not to advertise."Vic knows why I didn't come to her birthday party. I have nothing more to say to her," - quotes Alexey Vorobyov Life News. Читать полностью -->

George Clooney decided on his next directorial project

George Clooney decided on his next directorial projectGeorge Clooney decided on his next directorial project, he will take political drama "The Yankee Comandante", based on publications from the New Yorker magazine.In an article published just a few days ago, tells the real story of William Alexander Morgan, an American who in 1959 with the Cuban rebels helped to overthrow President Fulgencio Batista and to transfer power into the hands of Fidel Castro. However, two years after the revolution, Morgan was accused of spying for the U.S. and sentenced to be shot.Recall that George Clooney last year presented to the audience her new Director - "the ides of March", which was nominated for the award "Golden globe" in four categories, but never won a single award. Source: George Clooney decided on his next directorial project. . . Читать полностью -->

The list of highest paid celebrities under the version of `Forbes`

The list of highest paid celebrities under the version of `Forbes`Today, the magazine "Forbes" has published the list of highest paid celebrities. In the first place for the fourth time turned out to be a TV presenter Oprah Winfrey, whose earnings from may 2011 to may 2012 amounted to $165 million.Second and third places were taken by the creators of the franchise "transformers" Director Michael Bay ($160 million) and producer Steven Spielberg ($130 million). The creators of "Transformers" has topped the Forbes listRecall that the new film series, "transformers: Dark of the moon" has grossed more than $1 billion in Additional revenue to Steven Spielberg brought four TV shows and directing two of the project is the movie "the adventures of Tintin" and "war horse", which received several nominations for "Oscar".Fourth place in the Forbes list went to producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who is behind the franchise "pirates of the Caribbean". Thanks to the new film series, "pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger tides, he earned about $115 million in Sixth place was taken by the Director, screenwriter, producer and actor Tyler Perry ($105 million). In seventh position was a man, also relevant to the film industry, popular writer James Patterson ($94 million). In 2011 he released 14 thrillers and science fiction novels. Читать полностью -->

Legendary announcer Igor Kirillov's 80th birthday

Legendary announcer Igor Kirillov's 80th birthday Legendary announcer Soviet television, people's artist of the USSR Igor Kirillov today marks 80 years.His name is primarily associated program "Time", which started January 1, 1968, 11 years after its first broadcast."Moscow Speaking! Are all the radio stations of the Soviet Union!" - the voice of Igor Leonidovich in the memory of many generations is connected with these words.In an interview with ITAR-TASS Igor Leonidovich admitted that he was going to become a Director. "I loved working behind the scenes and, of course, never thought that I would become a TV presenter. If you scroll film my life, it is the Lord helped me choose what eventually became the main business of my life," said the well-known broadcaster.To the question, did the presenter on the production of your unique voice, Igor Leonidovich said, "Nothing special, I never did thanks to my parents that I was awarded"."on September 27, 1957, there was my television debut on air of the first channel, then all-Union television, and I realized that it was mine," recalls Igor Leonidovich. - TV since my first day of work was and remains for me is not just mass media, technical means for the transfer of works of art, real art, which helped me to get rid of many flaws".About modern TV he said that "unfortunately, in recent years it is often perceived as a business that is a big mistake". "I very much hope that this approach will change and eventually the TV will be reborn, will be eternal and good," said Igor Leonidovich.Renowned speaker today looks all Central channels, "to be aware of the good and not so good programs." "Today, few intellectual, educational broadcasts, which would be a kind of "window to the world", - he noted.Answering the question about what are the qualities of a leader, Igor Leonidovich stressed that "the journalist must first be a citizen of their country and live the life of his people, and the journalist who is in the frame, needs to remember that he's an artist, but not one that plays a role, but someone who can creatively tell about what they saw and experienced in the art form." In his words, "the task of every journalist - a good knowledge of Russian literary language, which was spoken by Pushkin, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Bulgakov, and apply natural artistry"."The person who chooses the profession of a broadcaster must not think that this profession will give him, and what he can bring to it," he said.Its anniversary Igor Leonidovich to mention widely no plans. "For me, the main date is September 27, the day when I first went on the air," he said. Читать полностью -->

David Duchovny is still in great shape

David Duchovny is still in great shape David Duchovny is a 53 year. In fact it is a lot, but on the other hand not so much. And the actor proved it by example. The other day the paparazzi saw the star of "Secret materials" public, crowded the beach in Malibu, where he rested.not only showed a complete absence of "star disease" sunbathing on the usual sunbed amongst vacationers, but also showed those who attended in great physical shape.Yes, over the years, Duchovny got a small tummy, but his body is still fit and muscular - David definitely watching it. And rightly so. In fact and in its 53 years, the actor is able to turn the head of any woman. Читать полностью -->

Katie Holmes was photographed for the magazine C

Katie Holmes was photographed for the magazine C Hollywood actress Katie Holmes starred in a new photo shoot for the September issue of the American journal C.The star graced the cover of the magazine wearing a dress by Tom Ford. Note that shooting stylish photo shoot took place shortly before the divorce, 33-year-old actress with Tom cruise. According to the chief editor of the publication during the interview Katie did not talk much about his wife:"Now, when I recall the interview, I realise that there were signs indicating that in their family life, fell on hard times," says chief editor of the magazine, " Katie told only about themselves, avoiding talking about her husband and daughter. For all interview, she never said that name - Tom cruise". Source: Katie Holmes was photographed for the magazine C . . Читать полностью -->

Mylene Farmer returns to Russia with a Grand show

Mylene Farmer returns to Russia with a Grand showFrench superstar is back on the scene, breaks records the sale of tickets and again is going to visit both of the Russian capital.Mylene Farmer always knew how to surprise. Fragile sexuality in appearance, graceful melodies, mesmerizing, no one else like voice, magical, and sometimes shocking videos, grandiose, stunning live performances. But besides all this, the French superstar is able that which has not yet learned its Anglo-American counterparts, is to be silent and disappear. And then triumphant return and blow up the media and their fans something completely new and unusual.Only Mylene Farmer could five years (1999-2005) not to release a new CD, and its production be kept in such strict secrecy that mad from the suspense journalists and fans on her knees implored diva to hold a press conference to shed some light on the fate of her work. And the result of silence has always exceeded expectations.The latest album from Mylene Bleu Noir" (2010), too, was unusual: its author was not eternal ally, the composer of Laurent Button, and the actual electronic artists Moby, Red One and Archive, and musically it was a mixture of giddy disco, romantic love melodies and brooding trip-hop. And most importantly, after the release of the disc for the first time not forthcoming concerts, which are always waiting for loyal fans of the singer worldwide.And it has happened: last week, were announced the release of the new album with the intriguing title "Monkey Me" (December 2012) and large-scale tour Timeless, which will last from September to November 2013. Читать полностью -->

Leonid Armor are being prepared for discharge from hospital

Leonid Armor are being prepared for discharge from hospital Leonid Bronevoy undergoing surgery in Kyiv city centre of heart after a heart attack, is recovering. This week could be sent to Moscow by plane."At the end of this week, possibly even Monday, Leonid Sergeevich will be discharged. In Moscow it will be delivered by air - with the help of spessarite, which is equipped to transport critically ill", - quotes "Interfax" a source in the Kiev city heart center.Leonid Bronevoy can already speak, his appetite has improved. Close to the actor are his wife and daughter. Earlier Armour moved out of ICU into a regular room.on 18 September, the day after the end of the tour of the theatre "Lenkom" in Kiev, Leonid Armor became ill, and in the morning he was taken by Kyiv city centre of heart with myocardial infarction. The actor underwent a difficult operation.Source: Leonid Armor are being prepared for discharge from hospital . Читать полностью -->

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