All the women Tom cruise

All the women Tom cruise The other day the wife of Tom, Katie Holmes, filed for divorce, than cast her husband in shock. However, she did not the first.For 50 years, Tom cruise was not so much formal relations for Hollywood celebrities. With almost all their loved ones That chose to legitimize the relationship, in principle, did not save them from tearing. let us remember all the women who swore to cruise in love and loyalty to the grave.Mimi Rogers. She was older than Tom (then a novice actor), for six years. Their marriage lasted from 1987 to 1990. Читать полностью -->

Jennifer garner caught with a newborn son

Jennifer garner caught with a newborn son Acting couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner are rightly considered to be the perfect parents. The couple are trying every minute to spend with each other and, of course, with his three kids: two daughters and baby Samuel, who was born this year.The actors did not boast of their celebrity status and have time even to take the kids to school and kindergarten.Ben and Jennifer didn't sell pictures of their children to the eminent pancam and are not made from their birth sensation. It is therefore not surprising to find almost all the family in full (except for Ben, who is busy right now filming) on a walk in Los Angeles.By the way, thanks to this photo, which was taken by the local paparazzi, we finally have the opportunity to examine Affleck, Jr. Samuel - very gruesome. And like it at the moment, no doubt, on Jan. But eyebrows have inherited daddy. Читать полностью -->

Punk band Green Day will perform for the first time in Russia

Punk band Green Day will perform for the first time in RussiaAmerican punk band Green Day for the first time in his career, will perform in Russia.As reported on the website of the band, two concert the trio will take place on 21 and 23 June 2013 in Moscow at the Olympic stadium in St. Petersburg SKK "Petersburg", respectively. The show will be held in the framework of the world tour in support of the album trilogy, "Uno!", "Dos!" and "Tre!". Concert tickets will go on sale October 1.The first part of a trilogy, with which the group will go on tour from October 2012, was released on September 25. The release of the second part is scheduled for November 13, and the final album will be released on 15 January 2013. All the assets of Green Day, available since 1987, nine Studio albums, five Grammy awards and numerous MTV awards, Brit Awards, Billboard, Kerrang, American Music Awards and others.Meanwhile, the next promotional campaign in support of "Uno!" was cancelled by the band due to the incident at the iHeartRadio festival in Las Vegas. Читать полностью -->

Ivan Dorn appeared as the sexy vampire

Ivan Dorn appeared as the sexy vampire Famous Ukrainian singer Ivan Dorn graced the cover of the influential music publication Billboard Russia.The popular singer, whose songs are the leaders in the Ukrainian charts, appeared on the cover of a magazine in a white shirt and an elegant suit.On the pages of a special issue dedicated to new talents, appeared on only photoshoot pet of the public, but Frank interview in which Ivan talks about future plans and the way to glory. Note that in the photo the singer appears in the popular image of a sexy vampire. Source: Ivan Dorn appeared as the sexy vampire . . . . Читать полностью -->

Concert Action Jack at the club `ChinaTownCafe` will gather fans and lovers of quality sound

Concert Action Jack at the club `ChinaTownCafe` will gather fans and lovers of quality soundon 22 June in Moscow club "China Town Cafe" will take place a concert of Action Jack.After a successful premiere of the new album "crime scene" in Moscow club " B2 " at the end of March this year, Jack Action announced another concert. This time they can be heard also in Moscow, on June 22 at the site of "China Town Cafe". This evening will be played not only the audience favorite hits "On the scene" and "Short circuit", but the Russian version of the song Joy Dividion "New Dawn Fade".The concert on June 22 organized not only for the fans and the fans, but for lovers of quality sound. Suffice it to say that on the record "On the scene" worked himself Brian Gardner Maroon 5, 30 Seconds To Mars, Blink 182, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rihanna, Michael Jackson) - music guru engineering, the winner of seven Grammy awards.Soon the group looked forward to shooting a new video. The previous video was filmed by Director Valeria Gai by Germanicos, who shot to JackActionскандальный clip "I did not kill" ( information about the group JackActionOfficial website: JackAction.comGroup in Facebook: Group Vkontakte: . . Читать полностью -->

The `hunger games` will appear serial analog

The `hunger games` will appear serial analogThe CW television films "Selection" that will have a lot in common with the movie "the Hunger games". The project will be released in 2012-2013. The news reports the Wrap.Series "Selection" will be based on a novel by Kiera Cass. The action takes place in the distant future, and the plot is built around a poor girl that had the chance to compete for the title of Queen of the nation.Unlike "the hunger games", the main character will fight for the attention of the Prince, while not killing their opponents.Note also that the broadcaster CW started filming the project "Deadman", who will talk about the comic hero. The series will deal with the Creator of "Supernatural". Source: "the hunger games" will appear serial analog. Читать полностью -->

Jean Claude van Damme has admitted that he was in love with Kylie Minogue

Jean Claude van Damme has admitted that he was in love with Kylie MinogueAmerican actor Jean Claude van Damme told about his affair with Australian singer Kylie Minogue.20 years later, the actor admitted that he was once in love with the gorgeous Kylie. Their romance began in 1994 during the filming of the movie "Street fighter"."Ask her, she has a better memory than me," says the actor, " I'm 51, I have a big problem with memory. Okay, yeah. Yes, Yes, Yes! We had an affair. It was in Thailand during the filming of "Street fighter". It would be foolish not to have an affair with a woman - she was beside me every day, fascinated by her smile, and was incredibly sexy. Читать полностью -->

Kristen Stewart ready for the first time after the scandal to come to light

Kristen Stewart ready for the first time after the scandal to come to lightHollywood actress Kristen Stewart is ready for the first time after the scandal to come to light. It became known that the star has given his consent to the appearance at the International film Festival in Toronto.22-year-old star, who changed his beloved Robert Pattinson with the Director of the film "Snow white and the huntsman" Rupert Sanders, listened to the advice of friends and decided to stop hiding. In September, Kristen will appear on the red carpet and answer questions of journalists at the press conference of new movie "on the road". Source: Kristen Stewart is ready for the first time after the scandal to come to light. . . Читать полностью -->

Sharon stone came out without underwear

Sharon stone came out without underwear Popular 54-year-old movie star last weekend went shopping in France. It is noteworthy that Sharon decided to go for shopping without underwear in a bright coral pink dress, which were lightened: Nude breast of the actress.According to eyewitnesses, the star of "Basic instinct" did not bother close attention to her paparazzi and passers-by who tried to see under the stylish dress iconic shape miss stone. Source: Sharon stone came out without underwear . . . . Читать полностью -->

In the USA drama with Whitney Houston

In the USA drama with Whitney HoustonThe musical drama Sparkle directed by Salim Akil with the participation of Whitney Houston as a singer one of the main roles in Friday comes to the big screen in the USA, informs RIA "news".The shooting was completed three months before the sudden death of the singer and actress, who in August would have turned 49 years old. Body Houston was discovered in the night of February 12, 2012 in room of the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. One of the reasons for her death are called atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine and antidepressants.The work of Aquila, a remake of the film that hit the screens in 1976 and won the heart of a young Houston. The film is dedicated to the stories of three sisters who grew up without a father in Harlem, who later became famous, but did not bear the burden of fame. Like her favorite heroine Sparkle, Whitney grew up in a poor family in African-American neighborhoods of Newark, passing through all the same steps on the path to recognition.The film moves the action from Harlem 50s in Chicago 60-ies, where talented young singer falls victim to a drug dealer. Whitney Houston played the mother who has grown up without her husband three daughters, who create popular music group. Читать полностью -->

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