Robert Pattinson was asked out by Katy Perry

Robert Pattinson was asked out by Katy PerryFamous actor Robert Pattinson was asked out his girlfriend, American singer Katy Perry.News about the novel the stars of the twilight Saga and pop singer shocked fans, because not so long ago confirmed the rumors about a romantic relationship with Katie musician John Mayer. According to sources, after meeting with Pattinson at the Los Angeles restaurant Soho House, Katie put the point in a relationship with John."Between Katie and Robert suddenly broke out feelings," says the source, " It was really unexpected for both of them." Source: Robert Pattinson was asked out by Katy Perry. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Eva Mendes graced the cover of French Glamour

Eva Mendes graced the cover of French Glamour Eva Mendes graced the cover of French Glamour in November and shared the secrets of flawless appearance.About their regular training: "I'm four or five times a week running around in the mountains with his dog. And diligently deal with his coach Joanna".About how she keeps the skin in perfect condition: "I spend a procedure to exfoliate and hydrate the skin. I have a weakness for cosmetics Creme de la Mer or Dr. Perricone. And every two or three weeks doing special procedures with Cristina Rada, the best doctor in the face in Beverly hills. As for body, I use a scrub with coconut oil, it nourishes the skin. Читать полностью -->

46-year-old Cindy Crawford appeared on the cover of Tatler magazine

46-year-old Cindy Crawford appeared on the cover of Tatler magazine Legendary supermodel Cindy Crawford proved that even at the age of 46 years, a woman can be incredibly beautiful and sexy.Top model took part in a stylish photo shoot for the September issue of Tatler, on which pages it will appear in Frank dresses with a deep neckline. The author of the photo shoot featured photographer Ruven Afanador, who managed to emphasize the natural beauty of one of the most famous models in the world.In a recent interview, Cindy admitted that he believes the modeling business is cruel and demanding:"Sometimes you have to work in semi-sheer dress at the creepy frost," says the model - had to get up early and work all day, unable to eat or sleep. I think in today's world model, every model should have the vote, and mutual respect with the team with which they work". Source: a 46-year-old Cindy Crawford appeared on the cover of Tatler magazine . . . Читать полностью -->

Stylists `aged` Chloe Moretz for 10 years

Stylists `aged` Chloe Moretz for 10 years For caller and provocative photoshoot in the new issue of InStyle magazine stylists "aged" young actress ten years.Source: Stylists "aged" Chloe Moretz for 10 years . . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Died the richest woman Ukraine

Died the richest woman UkraineThe richest woman in Ukraine Olga Nechitaylo-Rijock, owner and President of companies "BAYADERA", died at the age of 58 years. About it reports "Корреспондент.net"."BAYADERA" engaged in the import and production of alcoholic beverages since 1991. This group is known through the brands "Hlibniy Dar", "Kozatska Rada" and several others.According to "Correspondent", in the rating of the richest Ukrainians Nechitaylo-Rijock took the 26-th line. Owned assets were estimated at 476 million dollars. In addition to the alcohol business, the family Nechitaylo-Rijock owned retail network of hypermarkets "Eco".Before opening your business Nechitaylo-Rijock worked in the local government of the city of Gorlovka, where she was born. Source: Died the richest woman Ukraine. Читать полностью -->

Naked photos of Kate proved fatal

Naked photos of Kate proved fatalChief editor of the French magazine Closer Laurence PIO, whose first edition was published provocative photos of the wife of Britain's Prince William Kate Middleton, reported that she received death threats. Concerned woman went to the police for protection.Journalist, chief editor of Closer, Laurence PIO decided to go into law enforcement soon after began to receive messages with death threats from different unknown individuals who were outraged that the magazine has published photos of Kate Middleton, which she appeared Topless.According to her, she has already received about 300 emails in which she was threatened with literally murder. "In one letter unknown vowed that he will not rest until I kill it" - quotes the representative of the French magazine Life News. In the end 14 of the most aggressive messages were submitted to the police, who must now decide whether to grant the chief editor of special protection. Recall, that the French magazine Closer was the first who published the naughty photos of Kate Middleton, on which 30-year-old captured the Duchess Topless on holiday in France.The paparazzi managed to catch a couple on vacation in the area of the Luberon mountains. In pictures William affectionately obmazyvaem wife with sunscreen by the pool, and Katherine substitutes husband different parts of the body.Buckingham Palace admitted the authenticity of the images, and then press-service of the court said that the Royal family filed a lawsuit in a French court for invasion of privacy in connection with the appearance in the magazine Closer images. Читать полностью -->

Michael J. Fox will play its first age role

Michael J. Fox will play its first age roleThe actor, whose several generations of viewers is associated with the role of high school student, is going to play its first age role of her career. And for him it will be a return to active work.American actor Michael J. Fox became famous for his roles of high school students in the trilogy "Back to the future" and the movie "the man-werewolf". In the early 1990s, Michael was considered one of the most popular and promising American artists, but his plans violated serious illness. In 1994, Fox found Parkinson's disease.It is an incurable neurodegenerative disease gradually robs its victims of freedom of movement. Читать полностью -->

Tom cruise and Katie Holmes are officially divorced

Tom cruise and Katie Holmes are officially divorcedHollywood stars Tom cruise and Katie Holmes are officially divorced. Now they are trying to resolve the issue regarding the custody of their six year old daughter Suri.One of the most beautiful couples of Hollywood signed the divorce agreement. According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", this was reported by representatives of movie stars. In a joint statement on 9 July, they said they will try to settle the issue of joint custody of their child.The girl is the only daughter 33-year-old Holmes, while Tom cruise has two adopted children from his marriage to Australian actress Nicole Kidman.Recall that the first information about the desire of couples to divorce appeared at the end of June. Then it became known that Katie Holmes with her daughter moved out of their joint cruise of the mansion. Among the causes of the quarrel was called and the Church of Scientology, whose adept is Cruz, and his alleged affair, and strong workload in the work. Читать полностью -->

Child Evelina Bledans was born with down syndrome

Child Evelina Bledans was born with down syndromeAfter three and a half months after the birth of a child Evelina Bledans finally gathered my courage and told everyone about the tragedy that accompanied her from the middle of a long-awaited pregnancy.It turns out the kid Evelina and her husband, Alexander Semin, Simon, was born with a disappointing down syndrome. The actress found out about this when we were on the 14-th week of pregnancy: "I as a good mom, only to learn that waiting for a child to see a doctor immediately. And here comes another ultrasound showed that the baby crease on the back of the head, and this is a possible sign of down syndrome. And even water some in the lungs, showed that the child will be born disabled" - admitted the actress.The doctors began to persuade Bledans to have an abortion, but she, after consulting with her husband, refused, thinking that her baby is still for parents the best and most favorite."Our doctors don't understand such things. And if you find any suspected problems with the child, convince women to have an abortion. We were told: "Well, Evelyn, you know, age...". Читать полностью -->

Stars in the most gorgeous necklaces

Stars in the most gorgeous necklaces Many famous ladies unable to resist the luxurious jewelry.More than the weight of the jewelry, the better; the more carats in precious stones, so they are more desirable, - Hollywood Actresses, models and celebrities with add delight to your outfit the most immodest jewelry is able to bring its owner the most attention. Source: Stars in the most gorgeous necklaces . . . . . Читать полностью -->

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