Danny DeVito divorce with his wife after 30 years of marriage

Danny DeVito divorce with his wife after 30 years of marriageFamous Hollywood actor, Director and producer Danny DeVito and his wife Rea Perlman have separated after 30 years of marriage. This edition of Entertainment Tonight, with reference to the official representative DeVito.The reason for the divorce, which will still be legally, not specified.DeVito and Perlman met in 1970 after the Broadway show, which played an aspiring actor. They lived together, not getting married, 11 years, and only in 1982 I decided to make the relationship official. In the past, the couple worked on several TV shows and starred in the Comedy "Matilda".They have three children - Lucy (age 29), grace (27 years old) and Jacob (24 years). Source: Danny DeVito divorces his wife after 30 years of marriage. . Читать полностью -->

Viggo Mortensen called in the film `the Last voyage of the Demeter`

Viggo Mortensen called in the film `the Last voyage of the Demeter`Viggo Mortensen received an offer to play the main role in the film "the Last voyage of the Demeter", which will be based on Bram Stoker's novel "Dracula". This publication reports BloodyDisgusting.As we know, on this ship famous vampire arrived in London.About the circumstances of this terrible cruise became aware of found on Board a ship of the journal in which the captain described how one of the other missing members of his team. In the end, "Demeter," nailed by the storm to the English coast, on its Board there was not one person.What he thinks about himself Mortensen, is not specified. It is expected that the film will be shot in the spirit of "Alien". A picture Director appointed Neil Marshall. Source: Viggo Mortensen called in the film "the Last voyage of the Demeter"". Читать полностью -->

Sergey Zverev has emerged in the advertising purposes

Sergey Zverev has emerged in the advertising purposes The photo almost completely naked singer stirred the Internet. It turned out that he bared a reason, and for advertising purposes.Thus, they decided to draw attention to his new video, which he plans to shoot this week in the Ukrainian capital. The video for the song "Come on, I'll undress" Zverev will remove a Director Elena Vinyarski, which promises that the new video will be a lot of nudity and explicit scenes.The main role in the clip, in addition to Sergey will perform actress Anna Kalashnikova. It is said to boast of a slender body Zverev sat on rigorous, specially designed diet.Just have to wait. Video premiere is scheduled for September. Source: Sergey Zverev has emerged in the advertising purposes . Читать полностью -->

The star of `Home-2` announced her pregnancy

The star of `Home-2` announced her pregnancyMember of the infamous TV show "Dom-2" Eugene Feofilaktova-Guseva with tears in his eyes announced her pregnancy. It is already known that the 27-year-old Eugene is waiting for the boy.Good news reported Eugene Feofilaktova-Gusev before to participate in the struggle as much with the two men, participants of the reality show "Dom-2", Sergey Pynzar and Ivan Bursikova. All three were dressed in white satin clothes, portraying the ancient Romans. And if the guys were in the sheets, Eugene Feofilaktova-Gusev was chosen for the battle dress, and on his head wore a crown. As such, the girl began to look like Cleopatra.However, the presenter Ksenia Borodina, before you start the battle in the pool filled with water, grass and soil, wondered why the husband Eugene, Anton Gusev, in support of his wife, also dressed in a towel. And then there was a sensation, which, however, expect to hear not only the rest of the show, but many fans. Читать полностью -->

`Braveheart` was headed by the American car

`Braveheart` was headed by the American carCartoons produced by Pixar/Disney 12 times ranked first in the North American box office in the first weekend at the box office. Not break the tradition and Brave, three days brought together in theaters in the U.S. and Canada more than 66,7 million dollars, according to OpenSpace with reference to Variety.In the cartoon about the adventures of red-haired Archer, Scottish Princess Merida is a new audio standard Dolby Atmos. While its benefits can be evaluated in only 14 theaters in North America, however, by the end of the year, the company Dolby promises to increase the number of screens equipped with new appliances, to a hundred, and by the end of 2013 - up to thousands, not only in the U.S. and Canada, but also in other countries.New release Pixar Animation Studios / Walt Disney Pictures worth of $ 185 million went 4164 copies, which was a record for cartoons.To the Western market, including the largest national markets, such as Russia and China, "Brave" earned much more modest 13.5 million.However, it far exceeded the results of other Premier last weekend."President Lincoln. Vampire hunter" Director Timur Bekmambetov and producer Tim Burton, who received a restrictive R rating (persons under the age of 17 can see the movie unless accompanied by an adult), began rolling the story is very weak, gathering with 3108 copies only 16.5 million with a budget of 69 million dollars.Apocalyptic Comedy "Seeking a friend for the end of the world" (Seeking a Friend for the End of the World) with Steve Carell and keira Knightley and did was only tenth on fees (3.8 million with a budget of 10 million dollars).In second place, losing 40% of the audience in North America, completed the third week rolling the cartoon "Madagascar-3", bringing the amount of global fees to 366 million. Читать полностью -->

Morgan Freeman will play in the Comedy `Last Vegas`

Morgan Freeman will play in the Comedy `Last Vegas`Morgan Freeman may join Robert De Niro and Michael Douglas in the Comedy of John Turteltaub "Last Vegas".The plot is built around four 70-year-old Lovelace, who gathered at the bachelor party in Las Vegas to a farewell party of the last unmarried friend (Michael Douglas), who decided to marry a girl half younger than himself.According to the creators of the upcoming project will be a mixture of such films as "Cocoon" and "the Hangover".Shooting the Comedy will begin soon in Vegas. Source: Morgan Freeman will play in the Comedy "Last Vegas"". . . . . Читать полностью -->

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