`Sesame street` will become a feature film

`Sesame street` will become a feature filmFilm company 20th Century Fox is going to make a feature film based on the popular children's TV program "sesame Street".According to the publication the Hollywood Reporter, the producer of the project assigned to the Creator of "Live steel" Shawn levy and screenwriter - Joey Mazzarino working on the transmission since 1998.The most popular characters of sesame Street are Oscar the Grouch, Count von Mark, Elmo and others. Twice heroes of the program was to feature-length projects: in 1985 in the movie "sesame Street presents: follow that bird" and in 1999 in the movie "Elmo in Grouchland".The timing of work on a new project have not been announced. Source: "sesame Street" will become a feature film. . . . Читать полностью -->

A beginner `Home-2` fought for the honor of Agibalova

A beginner `Home-2` fought for the honor of Agibalova The controversial TV project "Dom-2" welcomes a new member by the name of Twilight of the Gods, who came on the show to Irina Alexandrovna Agibalova. 43-year-old rookie has managed to stage a fight for the honor of his beloved.Despite the fact that Irina Agibalova long been in a happy marriage, she not only is a full member of the infamous reality show "Dom-2", but also desirable woman that periodically come different men. So, a 48-year-old Irina Alexandrovna became almost her same age, 43-year-old programmer, a vegan, a well-known blogger Twilight of the Gods. Interestingly, not only is he a skateboarder, chess player, but also a network writer. Twilight is the author of the novel "Spiral Ksenia Sobchak", which tells of the adventures of the popular TV presenter and her friend Ulyana Tseytlina.However, the new participant of the TV project "Dom-2", characterized by a very imposing appearance, why not hit the spot Irina Alexandrovna Agibalova. Judging by the rumors that are actively discussing the fans of the TV show on the Internet, that took quite cold, his expression tender feelings. Читать полностью -->

Katy Perry lost panties in a water Park

Katy Perry lost panties in a water Park Tired of the endless concerts and touring international stars only dream about, to be away from everyone. But Katy Perry is clearly not one of them. This girl proved, arranging a holiday in one of the most crowded parks in California.The girl swam and sunbathed in the number of other vacationers, not at all embarrassed by the fact that it draws attention. The singer was in good spirits, nice chatting with identifying her fans and even signed autographs. Her mood is not spoiled even unpleasant incident which happened when Katie walked down one of the slides. Whether the flow of water was very rough, whether panties from bikini Katie too large, and here is the result... Читать полностью -->

Warner Bros. intends to film the story of Pontius Pilate

Warner Bros. intends to film the story of Pontius PilateFilm Company Warner Bros. intends to film the story of the Procurator of Judea, Pontius Pilate. Reports resource Deadline.Biographical tape will tell how the son of a Roman nobleman Lucius Pontius Pilate becomes a fearless warrior and makes a spectacular career in the army. He enters the field of view of the Emperor Tiberius, who promises him the post of Viceroy in Egypt, and instead appoints a Procurator in a troubled Jew.In the end he has to make a historic decision and decide the fate of a young preacher, the elders accused of trying to become the king of the Jews.The project has no Director, but already there is a script prepared by the Vera Blazey. The deadlines have not been announced. Читать полностью -->

Robert Pattinson asked Kristen Stewart to marry

Robert Pattinson asked Kristen Stewart to marryRobert Pattinson on the joys of reconciliation with Kristen Stewart decided on a responsible step - he called his sweetheart married! In recognition of the actor himself, he dreams of a lush wedding with Kristen for a long time.A month ago, Robert begged Stuart to never call him on the phone and not ask for another meeting. The guy is very tough experienced the betrayal of his girlfriend, who cheated on him with the Director of the film "snow white and the huntsman" Rupert Sanders. The actor even sold their shared home in Los Angeles.She also Kristen is also grieved his stupid offense and begged Rob to forgive her infidelity. The girl was depressed and came out of it only after reconciliation with Pattinson.To the delight of all the fans, Robert decided to give their relationship a second chance and even wants to bring them to a logical end. He is ready to forget about the recent tragic past, but under one condition - Kristen will marry him.According to authoritative sources, this way Rob wants to ensure that the girl realized your mistakes and are ready to associate with your life. We will remind that else in the spring Pattinson to questions about marriage predpochtitel not answer and got off from journalists that spoke, though still too young and afraid to take on this responsibility. Читать полностью -->

Named most `dangerous` star on the Internet

Named most `dangerous` star on the InternetThe performer of the role of Hermione Granger in "potterian", British actress Emma Watson, was the most "dangerous" celebrity Internet.According to the report of McAfee, specializing in providing security in the Network, it is its name in 2012 most commonly used by the scammers to attract users to malicious resources.In second place was actress Jessica Biel, and the third was Eva Mendes.Representatives McAfee emphasize that for the first time all place in the top ten "dangerous" celebrities took the fairer sex, the vast majority of Hollywood Actresses.The remaining seats were distributed as follows:4. Selena Gomez5. Halle Berry6. Megan Fox7. Shakira8. Cameron Diaz9. Читать полностью -->

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