Michael J. Fox will play its first age role

Michael J. Fox will play its first age roleThe actor, whose several generations of viewers is associated with the role of high school student, is going to play its first age role of her career. And for him it will be a return to active work.American actor Michael J. Fox became famous for his roles of high school students in the trilogy "Back to the future" and the movie "the man-werewolf". In the early 1990s, Michael was considered one of the most popular and promising American artists, but his plans violated serious illness. In 1994, Fox found Parkinson's disease.It is an incurable neurodegenerative disease gradually robs its victims of freedom of movement. Develop a tremor of the extremities, specific "mask" on your face, impaired coordination. For a professional actor all that catastrophic. Because since the late 1990s, Michael J. Fox almost stopped acting, being content with dubbing in cartoons and rare appearances in the television series. The last big project with his participation ended in 2000.Fortunately, at present the condition of Michael managed to stabilize. And the management of the TV company NBC offered him a major role in the new TV series, where he will play the role of a father suffering from Parkinson's disease. Although these circumstances have simplified the opposite for Michael, work will still be difficult.Reportedly, the doctors managed to pick up for Fox special dosage regimen that minimized the tremor of the limbs and the TEC. All this allows the Michael j Fox gives hope for other roles. Moreover, that this father of four children, who for 25 years was the successful marriage, still very much love and respect at home. Fox is one of the organizers of the charity Fund to help victims of Parkinson's disease. Source: Michael J. Fox will play its first age role.

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