Child Evelina Bledans was born with down syndrome

Child Evelina Bledans was born with down syndromeAfter three and a half months after the birth of a child Evelina Bledans finally gathered my courage and told everyone about the tragedy that accompanied her from the middle of a long-awaited pregnancy.It turns out the kid Evelina and her husband, Alexander Semin, Simon, was born with a disappointing down syndrome. The actress found out about this when we were on the 14-th week of pregnancy: "I as a good mom, only to learn that waiting for a child to see a doctor immediately. And here comes another ultrasound showed that the baby crease on the back of the head, and this is a possible sign of down syndrome. And even water some in the lungs, showed that the child will be born disabled" - admitted the actress.The doctors began to persuade Bledans to have an abortion, but she, after consulting with her husband, refused, thinking that her baby is still for parents the best and most favorite."Our doctors don't understand such things. And if you find any suspected problems with the child, convince women to have an abortion. We were told: "Well, Evelyn, you know, age...". But I said to them: even if you are going to scare the baby started to grow wings, claws, beak, and that he is a dragon, " will there be a dragon. We have the dragon and be happy. We, I say, completely in the hands of the Lord God, behold him and to decide what will be our child. And, by the way, about the dragon we almost were right, because the Seeds on the left leg two fused fingers, like a dragon. What?" - shared by Alexander Semin."In the early days of the son was very bad. He was born with a terrible lack of immunity - they all are. Weak. At night, he was grey, he was immediately grabbed and in intensive care, on oxygen, antibiotics under. Four days he lay in the incubator-the incubator. But now, Thank God, all is well!" said Evelina.July 1, semen was 3 months. Parents on cat soul in your baby and assure that it develops at the same pace as that of healthy children. Evelina and Alexander even disability son refused to issue. For them it is healthy and they will do everything to keep baby happy! Source: Child of Evelina Bledans was born with down syndrome.

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