The billionaire will punish wife unburied

The billionaire will punish wife unburiedBritish police accused the billionaire Hans Kristian Rausing, who lived a few days in the house with the corpse of his wife Eva, that he did not provide a decent funeral of his wife. Suspect in the murder of the heir to the Tetra Pak Empire dropped.As announced Tuesday by Scotland Yard, the body of Eva Rausing, most likely, spent in a luxurious mansion for more than a week. The cause of death until the install failed, but the main version is still a drug overdose.It is expected that Hans Rausing will appear before the court. According to British law, he could face life imprisonment, although such a harsh punishment in recent years has not been used even once.A few hours before the Rausing was charged, relatives of Eva Rausing released a statement stating that they don't blame the billionaire in his wife's death. Father of Eva Rausing, a former CEO of Pepsi Tom Kemeny said his daughter tried to convince my husband to go with her to a drug treatment clinic in the USA. "Until the death of Eva cared for beloved husband. For his sake she had stopped treatment and returned to London to try to convince him to go to California," said Tom Kemeny."Eva and Hans Kristian adored each other and their four children. They were a devoted and loving couple. They saved thousands of lives through participation in charitable activities. They bravely battled their demons and supported each other. The death of eve was an enormous loss for our "son" Hans Kristian, whom we love unconditionally with all my heart", - the statement says Kemeny.Recall, the heir to the company Tetra Pak Hans Kristian Rausing was arrested last week for possession of drugs. During a search of his house police found the body of 48-year-old Eva Rausing.Initially, investigators thought that Hans Rausing has lived in the house where the body lay, at least four days. Before it became known that Eva Rausing could die four weeks before police found the corpse. As told investigators her sister, she came to London from the U.S. in early June, but was not able to see eve. Source: Billionaire trouble for unburied wife.

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