In Moscow thieves robbed the Studio Bari Alibasov

In Moscow thieves robbed the Studio Bari AlibasovIn Moscow unknown criminals stole from the Studio producer and musician Bari Alibasov. About it on July 26, RIA Novosti reported.The criminals got into the room located in an apartment house 13/1 for Alleys lane, July 25. According to the Agency "Interfax", they picked up the keys to the front door.The thieves were two camera's and 30 thousand rubles. The total damage is estimated at 180 thousand rubles.Alibasov went to the police. Upon theft criminal case is brought.The anonymous source of the edition of Life News said that the Studio is located in a luxury house which are difficult to penetrate for outsiders. "Probably stole some of their own. Of those who worked of Bari Karimovich. Ordinary mercenaries, who are not paid on time, so they decided to take their technology and values," stated the source.As it became known to journalists, Alibasov uses this Studio for over twenty years. In it were stored the records archive of the group "On-on". In the fall of 2011 in the apartment there was a fire, and part of the archive was destroyed. Himself Alibasov barely managed to escape the fire. Source: Moscow thieves robbed the Studio Bari Alibasov.

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