Gwyneth Paltrow lost her role in `the Avengers 2`

Gwyneth Paltrow lost her role in `the Avengers 2`Gwyneth Paltrow doubts about its participation in the sequel of the movie "the Avengers". About this actress told in an interview with E! Online."I just finished filming "Iron man 3". You understand that it is saturated with action and special effects the film. So now I want to play in something small, fun and inspiring. I don't know, I'm too old for all that crap," admitted the actress.Note that there is a more prosaic explanation. Previously anonymous insiders claimed that Paltrow is not formed on the set of her relationship with her colleague Scarlett Johansson, and so the producers decided to "breed" them in different projects: Paltrow will remain in "Iron man 3", but her participation in the development of "the Avengers" will be minimized.Recall that the "Avengers 2" will be released may 1, 2015. Source: Gwyneth Paltrow lost her role in "Avengers 2"".

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