Boris Moiseev decided to tie the knot

Boris Moiseev decided to tie the knotDespite a recent stroke, as well as a long (and thankfully successful) course of recovery, Boris Moiseev full of strength and energy. The reason for that was love in an old friend, an American businesswoman Adele Todd.As it became known, in a few weeks, the couple plans the wedding ceremony in one of the Central parks of the capital.The celebration itself will take place in one of the most stylish and beautiful bars of Moscow, located on the roof of the hotel. The location was chosen due to the summer terrace, which offers stunning views of the Kremlin and Red square.The couple tries not to leave each other - recently, Moses flew to the US to spend time in the company of Adele, and she, in turn, was visiting a loved one in Moscow and attended the presentation of his new album. The singer does not hide his joy:"Our relationship is very sincere story in which we are really close to each other and trust all that is in our lives.".

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