Dmitry Nagiyev was going to marry in 2 times

Dmitry Nagiyev was going to marry in 2 timesThe popular TV host, showman Dmitry Nagiyev is going to marry a second time. The darling of the known actor called his favorite woman a couple of years ago gave birth to a son.TV presenter Dmitry Nagiyev known not only for its imposing style of gear, but also a stubborn silence about all that concerns his personal life. Here and now, as soon as the information appeared that the artist was supposedly going to marry a second time, Dmitry Nagiyev away from any comment, not confirming, but not denying the joyful news."You can write that your personal life Dmitry Nagiyev as were once hidden and now hides!" - quote from the popular TV presenter "7 days". However, this publication and reports that Naghiyev full swing preparing for the wedding celebration, and the beloved showman is his girlfriend, two years ago gave birth to the celebrity son.Dmitry conceals the name of his beloved woman, apparently, at the time, burned on the relationship with his ex-wife Alisa Sher. Recall that she wrote a book "I was the wife Nagiyev, where every detail was demolished almost every day of their marriage. Of course, the scandal risen and showman literally hiding from journalists.Interestingly, Dmitry Nagiyev and Alice Sher officially divorced in 2010, although this showman was already considered a bachelor. TV presenter commented this event: "I can't say that someone was the first to file the initiative to go to the Registrar a statement. Went together and quietly divorced. It was the moment when the stamp in your passport already, nothing changed. Son of Cyril grew up, and our lives are beginning to go hand in hand with a new sheet". After her divorce was finalized Dmitry described his ideal woman: "the Perfect woman in the view of Dmitry Nagiyev? Then the scale is: beautiful legs, grooming and sense of humor." Source: Dmitry Nagiyev was going to marry in 2 times.

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