Near Novorossiysk, a festival of `Balance`

Near Novorossiysk, a festival of `Balance` Novorossiysk was the first festival of audiovisual culture "Balance".For two days scenic Abrau-Durso has turned into an art site, where you could see scientific documentaries, sound and light and water installations, to listen to actual music, and even make your own animated film.Balance began with the oak tree in an open field, on the shore of lake Abrau. This site Boris Titov and Pavel Lungin was considered ideal to perform the first Russian festival of audiovisual culture. And although the swimming season is already on the decline, around the tree with luxuriant foliage suddenly a lot of people."For every time its purpose. Here in the season a lot of people. Or before the season starts, or after," says Boris Titov.Ideas from artists who were invited to participate in the "Balance" were so many that in one place they would not fit. The area around the lake was divided into distinctive clusters for an evening concert. During the day on the field, master-classes - who tries to make a movie, who juggle, next make etchings.Concept designers Sergey de Rokambol and Anna Nikolaev suggested a walk through the ancient maze. The artist takes pleasure, though not always clear, explains the essence is why having a twisting trail can be fed with energy of heaven and earth.By the way, creation de Rokambol, built of Sandstone and marble chips, will remain here forever. Reserved for the installation of the place actually is the reservoir, the spring is here the excess water is drained from the lake, but the maze is not a hindrance to the stones apart. The concept of the festival is the fusion of art with nature. The curators was not an easy task - harmoniously and unobtrusively integrate contemporary art in unconditional millennial beauty of Abrau-Durso."The place sets the tone, sets the vibration of what is happening here. And at night it all lights up," says the curator of the visual program of the festival "Balance" Anna Belyaeva.FM-the trail leads to the last area - the Park at plant Abrau-Durso. Kinetic sculptures and intricate installations for many of them the material provided by famous factory of sparkling wines. The barrel, tube, rod with vineyards. In the evening, almost dark, and transformed themselves historic walls. This so-called mapping - video art on the buildings.Source: Novorossiysk, a festival of 'Equilibrium'.

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