In St. Petersburg buried writer Pyotr Kozhevnikov

In St. Petersburg buried writer Pyotr KozhevnikovIn St. Petersburg on Wednesday said goodbye to writer, actor, playwright, TV presenter Peter Kozhevnikov, who died of a heart attack on 7 September at the 60th year of life. He is buried at the Smolensk cemetery, informs radio "Freedom".Pyotr Kozhevnikov was born 8 June 1953, worked for 14 years as a laboratory assistant, loader, engineer, trainer, coach hand combat, a journalist, was the author of several documentaries, TV presenter, appeared on the series.He was the youngest legendary author of the almanac "Metropol". He is the author of the book "do Not cast me away", "the year of the Ogre", "the Meaning of life"."Petersburg of Dostoevsky, strange voice of his heroes, defenseless and Frank, suddenly appeared in the pages of novels and short stories by a young author in the late 70-ies of the last century. Talented prose was noticed not only in Russia, stories Kozhevnikova "Two notebooks", "Student" was published in Germany, America, France. There were films with his participation. But in a free from the censorship of literary space suddenly disappeared the main element - the reader. Poetry and prose of that line, which was Kozhevnikov, began to seem redundant in a world where not diminished nor greed or cruelty or heartlessness", writes "Rossiyskaya Gazeta"."The message is, without exaggeration, struck me. He had a story "the Pupil" (1976) is about a young artist who observes and experiences the death of his teacher. And that would be the correct sequence, because the teacher should not have to bury their student, as well as the father of the son. Disciple I will not name, but godson can certainly be called, because it I a feat on his part in "Metropolskaya" adventure, and that was his first publication and first fame," said the writer Andrey Bitov.In April 2011 Pyotr Kozhevnikov was a guest of "radio Liberty"," on how they see Russia today, the informal Leningrad culture of the 70-ies. Here is what he said: "We went somewhere completely different than you had to go, and a loss is a loss, complete disbelief, full of immorality, everything is so sad that sometimes does not want to live. But as a believer I live, hope, believe and pray. Sometimes you just envy those who have. When you find yourself in the subway, I see these poor people, from the casemates, the sick, all dressed in these Chinese secondhand clothes. An eerie sight. That none of us wanted. Remember the words of Zinoviev: "I wouldn't write a single line against the "scoop", if I knew that this would happen to me". I, as a writer, as a writer, as an artist, I live this people, this land.I am Russian man, I think in Russian, I eat this culture, and I keenly feel the pain of these people, these children, and I their pitiful, I want to help them. But I myself can't help, I'll already be out of the game. Because if you had heard the word of writers, the word Solzhenitsyn, the word Rostropovich, the word Zinoviev, it all had the power, value, now, nothing else matters. And maybe, really, if you just to the root view, it is better is a difficult test, any war, is more open than it is now. Now the war is not quite intelligible to the people, war against the people. I live here in St. Petersburg and think: how much you have to hate this city, to bring it into this state? It's just hatred for this city and to this people. So it is impossible to live! People still must be protected, controlled and guided, otherwise it becomes a rabble. And now my country is scum, and not the country." Source: St. Petersburg buried writer Pyotr Kozhevnikov.

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