Lindsay Lohan was in a car accident

Lindsay Lohan was in a car accidentFamous actress Lindsay Lohan was involved in a car accident. In her car was struck by a small truck. The actress and her passengers escaped with minor injuries and scratches. However still been admitted to a hospital.Road accident occurred in Santa Monica in California. Lindsay Lohan with satellites went about their business, when her Porsche car crashed into a truck. Although he was not very big, the car is a Hollywood actress suffered greatly. According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", the catastrophe could occur as a result of the fact that the driver of the truck clipped a car star.In the end, Lindsay Lohan was taken to a local hospital. According to doctors, the 25-year-old actress and the other passengers received minor injuries and scratches. Lindsay feels OK, can communicate with family and assistants, ITAR-TASS reported. How long Lohan will stay in the hospital is unknown.It is worth noting that this car accident Lindsay Lohan very inappropriate. The actress after a long time of career inactivity finally got back to work. where Lindsay plays the legendary Elizabeth Taylor. It is noteworthy that savvy paparazzi already bummed fresh images of the actress from the set. They show how Lohan, dyed brunette and dressed in the fashion of the time, waiting in the output of the frame, and also photos of Lindsay during the shooting process.For Lohan, this picture can be an excellent beginning for the revival of her acting career, which was completely ruined because of her problems with the law. Recall that in March this year the Supreme court of Los Angeles County quashed the suspended sentence for the actress and took all required trial period of forced labor and prohibitions. For five years, since 2007, when Lohan was arrested for driving in an alcohol intoxication, and also after the abduction in the store, expensive gold necklace, the actress was under close police surveillance, and also carried out public works in the city morgue. She was required 420 hours of work. Source: Lindsay Lohan was in a car accident.

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