A beginner `Home-2` fought for the honor of Agibalova

A beginner `Home-2` fought for the honor of Agibalova The controversial TV project "Dom-2" welcomes a new member by the name of Twilight of the Gods, who came on the show to Irina Alexandrovna Agibalova. 43-year-old rookie has managed to stage a fight for the honor of his beloved.Despite the fact that Irina Agibalova long been in a happy marriage, she not only is a full member of the infamous reality show "Dom-2", but also desirable woman that periodically come different men. So, a 48-year-old Irina Alexandrovna became almost her same age, 43-year-old programmer, a vegan, a well-known blogger Twilight of the Gods. Interestingly, not only is he a skateboarder, chess player, but also a network writer. Twilight is the author of the novel "Spiral Ksenia Sobchak", which tells of the adventures of the popular TV presenter and her friend Ulyana Tseytlina.However, the new participant of the TV project "Dom-2", characterized by a very imposing appearance, why not hit the spot Irina Alexandrovna Agibalova. Judging by the rumors that are actively discussing the fans of the TV show on the Internet, that took quite cold, his expression tender feelings. And the eldest daughter of Agibalova, Olga Gazhienko was beside himself with anger. In the announcement for the new release of "House-2" Olga said: "Get out of here! What are you doing here? Get out of here, I tell you! I won't give life! I am going to bury myself!".

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